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krushi kranti  is the best advertising website for farming sector

An attempt for our beloved farmers….

Indian economy is an agrarian economy. We all are aware of how farmers are one of the least developed aspects of our economy. Farmer is dependent on the wholesalers, brokers to decide the prices of the products that he grew.

Ultimately, he cannot manipulate the prices and hence, has to face grave losses.

In an attempt to help out our farmer friends, a website named- has been launched. Through this website, any farmer can advertise his product for free and also decide the prices on his own. A farmer can not only advertise products such as food grains, fruits, vegetables, land, livestock, farm equipment’s etc. but he can also buy such products from this site.

This website is helpful not only to the farmers but it will also help the wholesalers dealing in farm produce, farm equipment dealers, agents etc. For example, if any wholesaler falls short for any particular product, then he can easily locate if any farmer has it and contact him through this website. In this way, this website is able to help not only the farmers but also the wholesalers, dealers and all other agriculture related factors.

Retailers of farm products can also advertise here, which will enable the farmers to know and compare the cost of the equipment’s needed and later will be able to contact the retailer for the same.

Farmers, wholesalers and retailers should post their advertisements, is not the sole purpose behind this website. Instead, there is even a separate blog provided on this site, wherein, the farmers can feel free and express their thoughts and feelings. Similarly, the guidance of many renounced personalities of our agricultural sector will also be made available on this blog. Hence, it is a necessity for everyone to visit this site.

It is a free website. You can view it on your smartphone also. All you need is an e-mail I’d and your contact number for posting a free ad on this site. It is high time that we take steps to improve our agriculture sector. Let us all take initiative and help strengthen our farmers.

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