Earnest Dramatic

Earnest Dramatic (E.D Publishers) is a small Publishing u0026amp; Advertising Campany composed exclusively of Saurabh Wagh, the managers, sales executive, and hands-on operator. Based on modern computer advances, both in hardware and software, Earnest Dramatic pvt ltd has eclipsed the costly traditional methods of publishing book and advertising. Saurabh Wagh brings a wealth of talent to this enterprise. Earnest Dramatic pvt ltd will not be merely a mechanical printing operation. Saurabh Wagh brings much more to the table. Saurabh Wagh can take an idea or a concept submitted by a client and produce a finished product that is eye catching and truly unique.

Another hard hitting plus will be the fact that Earnest Dramatic pvt ltd will be able to compete at a most aggressive price level. For the first year, ED pvt ltd will be a true owner-operator business with no employees other than the owners. He will take the business to the customers by meeting them at the client’s establishment, providing meaningful samples, and offering to produce prototype newsletters, brochures, price lists, mailers, etc

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